Mr.Green-Up Hydroseeding: The Grass in always greener on your side of the fenceMr.Green-Up Hydroseeding: The Grass in always greener on your side of the fenceMr.Green-Up Hydroseeding on the Sunshine Coast, BCMr.Green-Up Hydroseeding on the Sunshine Coast, BC
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Lawn Care and Maintenance after Hydroseeding


The first 14 days after hydroseeding are important. Grass seed needs heat and moisture to germinate and grow. In the months of April, May, Sept., Oct., and Nov. there should be enough rainfall for nature to complete this process on its own. When weather becomes very warm and dry in June, July and August, you should water the area with frequent light sprinklings. This can be done by hand with a spray nozzle on your hose. If using a sprinkler, monitor watering carefully – 10 minutes per area is likely more than enough to moisten the hydroseed.

Try not to let the hydroseeded area dry out in the heat of summer. This will prolong the germination process and the germinating seedlings may dry out and die. Over watering can be harmful as well – it may break down the bonded matrix of the “green mulch” and will wash away the existing fertilizer too quickly, especially if water is allowed to pool on the lawn. Pooling water will also wash grass seeds away and create uneven growth. Watering must occur regularly until the first mowing. After the first mowing, you can water the lawn to promote root growth by watering deeper and less often.



A new lawn should be mowed as soon as the first grass blades are 2” to 3” high (about the length of your pinky), even if the whole lawn has not yet reached that height. Mowing will make the grass send out side shoots and fill in. Your mower height should be no less than two inches and you should only cut off 1/3 of the grass blade in one mowing. There are basically two common mowing errors: not mowing the grass often enough and cutting it too short. Mowing frequently is mandatory for a healthy lawn.



The fertilizer put down in the hydroseeding process is only to start your grass growing. Your lawn will need to be fertilized within one month and every second month thereafter in the growing season to ensure continued growth even after it is well established. A granular fertilizer should be applied with a broadcast spreader at this time. Contact a local nursery for the type of fertilizer that should be applied to your lawn.

Your new grass will likely grow some weeds. Weeds come from seeds which have lain dormant in the ground or which have been carried in by wind or birds. Growing good healthy grass can control many weed species. Should you be concerned about weeds, please contact a local nursery or weed control applicator.

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